Adams Dining Room

ITS is happy to announce that ADR now has a (very) large screen TV with a computer and wireless keyboard/mouse installed in it to facilitate the various uses of the room. You no longer need to schedule ITS to setup a projector and/or laptop for this space!

Note that there is no webcam or microphone in this room as the room is too large to be used for any kind of videoconferencing.

1. Using the PC

Step 1.1:

Select PC from the panel on the wall

Step 1.2:

Login with your Bishop’s Credentials


If you see no signal on the display, make sure that the provided computer is turned ON

The room’s computer is located behind the TV – Bottom Left. Make sure that the power button is lit. If no light appears on the power button, press it to turn the computer ON.

If the PC is ON and you are sill getting no signal on the TV, contact the IT Helpdesk

Contact Us

2. Using your Laptop

Step 2.1:

Select Laptop from the panel on the wall

Step 2.2:

Connect your HDMI cable into the HDMI panel near the floor

If you require further troubleshooting:

Contact Us