Centennial Lobby

Centennial Lobby is equipped with an 80″ TV and computer to meet your presentation needs.The steps bellow will guide you through setting up the TV and using either the provided workstation or your own device.

1. Setting up the Computer

Step 1:

Choose an outlet in the room you’d like to plug the display into.

Step 2:

Once the TV is plugged in, turn the computer behind the display on. The power button is located on the top of the side of the machine.

Step 3:

In order to turn the display on, change the source to HDMI 3, and adjust the volume, use the buttons located around the back of the left side of the display, or found on the remote. They are labelled, and in order to move the selection up or down, use the channel buttons. You may also select source to HDMI 3 and adjust from the remote.

Step 4:

Log in using the mouse & keyboard provided. No further set up action is required and you’re all set to use the computer.

2. Setting up your Laptop

Step 1:

Centennial is equipped with an HDMI cable to plug into your laptop. If your computer does not have an HDMI out, please contact the ITS Helpdesk (ext. 2273) and we can provide you with the needed cables and/or adapters. The HDMI Cable is stored behind the display, rolled up on the back. You can unroll this and plug your laptop into the cable.

Step 2:

Set the input on the display to “HDMI 2” using the input and channel buttons on the remote or on the back of the TV. Once you see your computer’s picture on the display, you are all set to use your computer with the screen.

3. Setting up Mirroring 360

Mirroring 360 allow you to connect to the provided workstation and mirror your personal devices to the big screen without any adapter or cable.

Click here to learn more and setup mirroring 360.

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