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IT Services Offered

The IT Helpdesk is located on the main floor of the Library Learning Commons, to the left of circulation. Our services include walk-in computer and technology support for students, faculty and staff members as well as Bishop’s multimedia classroom support. To a limited extent and dependent on inventory, a rental service is available to individuals or groups utilizing the Bishop’s University campus.

1. Multimedia Classroom

Visit the Multimedia Classroom page (Coming Soon) for a list of all the multimedia classroom available at Bishop's and to learn more about the multimedia equipment and locations of these rooms.

2. Academic Use

  1. Loaning Policy
  2. Students
  3. Faculty
i. Loaning Policy

Priority is given to the provision of equipment for the support of Bishop’s University sponsored academic programs and specifically CLASSROOM activities. Equipment is loaned free of charge to professors and students for academic purposes, i.e., credit courses

To ensure availability, equipment must be booked as far in advance as possible. At least 24 hours notice is required if equipment is to be moved by Buildings and Grounds.

ii. Students

Students are permitted to sign out equipment for course-related assignments under the following conditions:

A. Provision of student loan form signed by the professor teaching the course or in his/her absence - the department chairperson. Provision of the student's ID card number and phone number.

B. Class list provided by the professor. Provision of the student's ID card number and phone number.

Students must sign a "responsibility" form before receiving any equipment. Those signing assume responsibility for equipment loss or damaged and the payment of costs incurred.

For more information about our student loan policies visit the Borrowing Equipment - Student page.

iii. Faculty

Faculty wishing to borrow equipment for academic-related (credit course) use should reserve equipment by requesting the desired equipment through If the octopus system is unavailable, faculty members can contact the Helpdesk by phone, in writing or in person. Reserving ahead of time will ensure availability. Pick-up and delivery of certain equipment (e.g., transparent projector) can be arranged on a one time or on a regular time (e.g., semester) basis. The equipment can only be booked for a 24 hour period. A longer loan period must be arranged through the ITS Client Services Centre staff since the inventory available is limited. Failure to return the equipment on time may result in a late fee).

Filming an Academic Event


If you wish to film an academic event, you can book and borrow the necessary equipment from the Helpdesk. Reserving ahead of time will ensure availability. Technical or operator labor costs may apply if set-up is needed and if technical or operator personnel are required. This must be booked in advance.

When filming any academic events, it is necessary to receive written authorization from any guest speaker prior to recording and distributing their presentation.

3. Personal Use

Subject to availability, equipment may be rented for non-academic purposes by faculty and staff of Bishop’s University. Renters agree in writing to assume financial responsibility for any loss or damage which might occur during the period of time that the equipment is in their possession. Rental Charges include an insurance amount.

Technical or operator labor costs apply if set-up is needed and if technical or operator personnel are required. This must be booked in advance.

4. Equipment List

Filming/Photographic Equipment

Digital Cameras
Lighting Kit
Light Reflectors

Audio Equipment

Wireless Microphones
Handheld Microphones
Tabletop Microphones
Lavalier Microphones
"Shotgun" Microphones
Tascam / Zoom Recorder
Personal Voice Recorder

Sound Systems

Large, Medium, Small P.A. System
Conference Audio Recording System
Large Microphone Mixer (up to 6 Mics)
Small Microphone Mixer (up to 2 Mics)


Portable Screens 6', 7', 8'

Computers Accessories

Limited Variety of Dongles & Adapters

Miscellaneous Equipment

Extension Cords
XLR Cables
HDMI Cables
VGA Cables
Power Bars

5. Rates, Discounts, and Late Fees



Visit the Rental Charges page for a list of equipment and their rental period charges.



Bishop's employees receive a 25% discount on personal rentals

Late Fees


All equipment should be returned on the determined return date. If an item is returned with affecting lateness, late fees will be charged upon return. The daily late fee is 5$ per small item and 20$ per larger item. Any late fees should be paid upon return of the item(s) at the Helpdesk. Late fees can be paid in cash only. Borrowing privileges are suspended until all fines or other charges are paid. Outstanding fines are transferred to the University Business Office at the end of each semester. Students must pay all outstanding fines before borrowing privileges are restored.

Terms and Conditions


1. Equipment usage, rental, and services must be approved by the Coordinator, Client Services.
2. Clients wishing to borrow equipment for personal use, must sign a "responsibility" form before receiving any equipment.