Showing a Web Video on a Video Conference

Being able to play video or audio clips over a BlueJeans video conference is an invaluable tool, but while sharing the video is a simple matter of sharing the appropriate application, you will find that the sound from that application doesn’t transfer over the video conference by default.

BlueJeans has considered this use case, however, and there is an easy way to achieve this. When sharing the video, on the screen in the BlueJeans application which allows selection of the software to share, there is a checkbox at the bottom of the page which allows the user to choose to pipe the audio over the call.

The very first time this is done the application will prompt the user to install a small audio driver, but this will only be necessary once.

Anytime you want to show video and sound all that needs to be done is to select that checkbox when choosing the application to share. See the video below to see how this is done.


As mentioned in the video, the user will need to have administrative rights on the computer in order to install the audio driver.