Email setup on Android device

Follow the instructions below to configure your Bishop’s mail on your iOS device.

Step 1: 

Go in to the Settings app on your phone (depending on your device, this may be a icon on your home screen, or from your home screen you may have to tap a menu icon like those shown at right, and then choose Settings)

Step 2: 

Under Personal, tap Accounts & Sync.  At the bottom of the next page, tap Add account




Step 3: 

For the account type, choose Exchange ActiveSync



Step 4: 

On the next page, tap Manual Setup



Step 5: 

Fill in the information as shown (“Email address” is your full Bishop’s email, “Server address” is, the “Domain” is bishops, and the username and password are your regular Bishop’s username and password)



Step 6: 

Choose the name you would like your account to have (this can be anything you like – it’s just a label), and then tap Finish setup


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