Book Copying on the Xerox Photocopiers

This tutorial will show you how to set up photocopying for books. The “Book Copying” feature allows you to remove the book binding from the copy as well as to copy seperate pages from a book onto a single double sided page and much more.

Step 1: 

To begin, select “Copy” from the Service Home Menu. The “Book Copying” option is located under the “Layout Adjustment” tab on the copying page. Once you have selected the “Layout Adjustment” tab turn this option by selecting “Book Copying”.



Step 2: 

By default “Book Copying” is turned off. To turn it on you can select to copy either both pages or just the left, or right page of an open book.

To begin, place the book that you wish to copy onto the glass scanner bed in the upper left hand corner as directed by the image. From this screen you can also select to have the copier erase the dark spots of the binding from between the pages using the left and right arrows in the center of the screen. When you have set the options for your copy select the “OK” button.



Step 3: 

As with every other copy, you have the option of selecting:

  1. If you want colour
  2. the size of paper
  3. If you want it to be double-sided
  4. or even if you’d like it stapled.

Once you have finished customizing your copy options simply type in the number of copies you require on the number pad and press the green button to start the copy.