BU Community Printing Tutorial

This tutorial is intended to assist community members who are not Bishop’s students, staff or faculty with the process of printing on campus.

Step 1:

There are six BORIS machines located on the 1st floor and basement of the Library Learning Commons. These computers are all accessible for community members.

Step 2:

Log in to a BORIS machine using the login credentials provided at the top of the keyboard.

Once logged in, open your chosen document and select print to send it to the “Library Circulation Lobby” printer to be held in a printing queue.

Please Note: This printer does not print in colour, all documents print in black and white.

Step 3:

To access printing, you will require a Gaiter Dollars card. These can be purchased from the Gaiter Dollars machine located on the first floor of the Library Learning Commons.

The cost of a card is $3.00 in exact change. The instructions for purchase are located on the front of the machine. The card will have a total of $2.80 loaded on it, unless you insert a larger amount.

You can add additional funds to your card using any Gaiter Dollars machine on campus.

Please Note: You do not have to purchase a new card each time you want to print.

Step 4:

After you have sent your document to the printer, you can release it by logging in to the print release station using your Gaiter Dollars card.

Swipe the card in the card reader to log in.

Step 5:

Once logged in, you should see your documents are being held in a queue. Locate the document which you sent to the printer and choose “Print.”

Please ensure that the document you are printing is your own and does not belong to another user.

Your documents will then print from the BORIS printer located next to the print release station.

Printing Prices:

Click on the image to see the printing prices for community members.