Building a Job on the Xerox Photocopiers

Step 1: 

Select to either Copy or E-mail the job

Job Assembly is useful when compiling multiple documents into a single file. It allows you to scan separate documents one after the other adjusting the advanced settings if needed before each document in order to create a master document. After logging into the copier select “Email” to build a document to be sent as a PDF to a recipeint’s email.

From the email screen you can select to either add yourself or other recipeint(s) through the “New Recipient” menu. Once you have your recipeint(s) added, select the “Job Assembly” tab in the right corner to start the job build.

Build Job 1

Build Job 2

Step 2: 

Turn Build Job On

The first step is to turn Build Job on by selecting the main button. Select “On” then select “OK” and continue to build your job.

Build Job 3

Build Job 4

Step 3: 

Building the job & Advanced Settings

Once the “Build Job” option is turned on from this screen you can get an overview of what documents you have added to the job. Select “OK” to return to the emailing options and to start building your job.

As with any other job on the Xerox machine you are able to adjust the “Advanced Settings” etc. from the tabs at the top of the touch screen. When you are ready to add your first document into the job, simply place it in the feeder or on the glass and press the green “Start” button. Repeat this until you are done building your job.

Build Job 5

Build Job 6

Step 4: 

Final Check

Finally, you can check on the “Job Assembly” tab to confirm that your document is ready to go. Now you are ready to “Submit the Job”. This will begin the processing of the document and will prompt the Xerox machine to email the job.

After the processing screen and loading bar have disappeared you will be left with the screen below confirming that the job is complete.

Build Job 7

Build Job 8