Connecting to WIZABU after a certificate update

The WIZABU wireless service offered by Bishop’s University requires a digital certificate to work. When this certificate is renewed, iOS devices may not automatically re-connect to WIZABU.

To get WIZABU up and running, perform the following steps:

Step 1:

Tap on the Settings app.

iOS Home Screen
Step 2:

Select the “Wi-Fi” entry from the list.

Next: You should now be able to skip to Step 6 under normal circumstances. After Step 6, if you are prompted to enter your password or receive an error message, tap Cancel to return to the previous menu, then continue to Step 3.

iOS Settings
Step 3:

Tap on the ( i ) icon located beside the WIZABU label.

iOS Wi-Fi Menu
Step 4:

Select “Forget This Network”. This will clear WIZABU from your iOS device so we can form a new connection.

iOS WIZABU details
Step 5:

Switch off the Wi-Fi functionality of your device. After a few seconds, switch it back on again.

iOS Wi-Fi Menu
Step 6:

Tap on the WIZABU connection when it appears.

NOTE: If you performed Steps 3-5, you will be prompted to enter your username and password before tapping “Join”.

iOS Wi-Fi Menu
Step 7:

Tap “Trust” in the upper-right to finalize the configuration and connect.

iOS Wi-Fi Menu

Done! You should now be re-connected to WIZABU!

Be sure to quickly test your connection to ensure no further support is needed. If this does not fix your issue, don’t hesitate to visit/contact us at the ITS Helpdesk.