Using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client on iOS

VPN (virtual private network) is a service hosted by Bishops and used to connect to the BU Network OFF-campus. This is typically only necessary when a user needs to access network drives, remote terminal servers, or remote desktop from OFF-campus.

  1. How to request VPN
  2. How to download
  3. How to setup
  4. How to use
  5. Setting up your network drives access

1. How to request VPN access:

Step 1:

In order to get VPN access, your manager must first place a ‘Security/Access – VPN Setup/Config’ Service Request through the Octopus system. To place an Octopus request, please, visit:

2. How to download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client:

Step 2.1:

Select the “Self Service” app on your iPad.

Step 2.1:

Click “Install” on the “Cisco Any Connect” app.

3. How to setup the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client:

Step 3.1:

The “Cisco Any Connect” app will be installed on your main page. Click on it to open the app.

Step 3.2:

If promted to received notifications, chose your preferred option and continue.

Step 3.3:

Click the “AnyConnect VPN” button.

Step 3.4:

Enter “” in the “Server Address” field.

3. How to use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client:

Step 4.1:

The “Connections” field should indicate “”. Click the “AnyConnect” button to connect.

Step 4.2:

Enter your Bishop’s credential.

You are now connected.

Setup your network drives access here