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Using your Cisco Softphone will be very similar to using your Cisco office phone. This support page will go over the basic features such as making a call, answering, transferring, and parking a call.

You will need to be connected to VPN to use your Cisco IP Communicator. Learn more about accessing VPN on our Cisco AnyConnect VPN @ Bishop’s support page.

Should you have any other questions regarding the use of your Softphone, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you!

  1. Making a Call
  2. Ansering a Call
  3. Transferring a Call
  4. Parking a Call

1. Making a Call

There are multiple ways to make a call:

  1. Type the phone number or extension using your numpad,
  2. Click the Softphone keys to call a phone number or an extension,
  3. Select “New Call” and enter the phone number or extension,
  4. If you have multiple lines, select the line from which you wish to place a call and enter the phone number or extension.

2. Answering a Call

There are multiple ways to answer a call:

  1. Click the notification icon that pops-up at the bottom of your screen,
  2. Select the line that is ringing (indicated by the flashing button next to your line),
  3. Select “Answer”.

3. Transferring a Call

To transfer a call, select “Transfer” and enter the phone number or extension you wish to transfer the call to. If you wish to make a warm transfer, wait for the person to answer. When this person is ready to receive the transferred call, click “transfer”.

For a cold transfer, click “transfer” after dialing the phone number or extension you wish to transfer the call to.

4. Parking a Call

Parking a call will help you keep your line free when needed.

Parking vs Hold
Putting a call on park will free up your line while the call is stored in the parking zone while putting a call on hold will keep your line busy until the call is fully processed.

Once in a call, click “Park” to park the call.
Take note of the number where the call is parked, you will need it to get back into the call. Note: the number will disappear shortly after being parked. Take note of it before it disappears.

To get back into the call dial the number the call was parked at.

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