Voicemail System

On Thursday October 20th, ITS replaced the old Call Pilot voicemail system with the new Cisco Unity system.
This change replaced much of the internals of our phone network and call routing system.

Important Documents


Will the phones in our offices be changing?
Currently this change is only in the backend of our phone system, and at this point there is no need to upgrade the phones currently deployed on campus. They will continue to function as they have been, but this improvement in the phone infrastructure allows for more flexibility in future phone technology choices.

Will my messages on the old voicemail system still be accessible after the switch?
While it will not be possible to transfer your voicemails on the old Call Pilot system to the new Unity system, you will still be able to access them after the switch. After Unity is live, extension 4440 will then allow you to access Call Pilot and your old messages. ITS will be asking all users to listen to, and erase, messages located on the old system so that we may decommission it after the switch.

Does the new voicemail system offer more than just the default greeting?
Yes, the Cisco Unity system offers five potential greetings: Default, Alternate (vacation), After Hours, Busy and a message for Internal Callers. Instructions on how to configure these will be sent out after the switch on Friday the 21st.

What if I am not on campus to pre-setup my voicemail box?
Although we are offering this opportunity to ‘hit the ground running’ so to speak, it is not required to perform this initialization in advance. When the new system is up and running, your voicemail will work in that you will be able to receive messages. The greeting that callers will hear will simply be the system default, something like “The voicemail user at extension so-and-so is not available to take your call. Please leave a message.” The only note is that you will not be able to retrieve any messages until you complete the initialization.

How do I get more help?

  • check the downloadable documents on this page
  • visit the Cisco Unity online tutorial
  • ask your department or divisional secretary for assistance
  • as always, contact the helpdesk at extension 2273