Creating an email merge with Outlook, Word and Excel 2010

A mail merge is the automatic addition of names and addresses from a database to letters and envelopes in order to facilitate sending mail, especially advertising, to many addresses. These are the steps to take in order to mail merge using Outlook, Word and Excel 2010.

Step 1: 

Prepare an Excel sheet including the recipiants name, email and whatever other information you will be needing for the email.


Step 2: 

Open a Word document and create your email template here

Once your template it complete select Mailings.


Step 3: 

Then click Start Mail Merge followed by the Email Messages option.


Step 4: 

Next click Select Recipients and then click Use Existing List…

Here is where you will locate your saved excel sheet and import it into the document by selecting it and clicking OK


Step 5: 

Next click on Insert Merge Field – Here is where you will input your excel categories (their name, information) that are unique to each recipient into the document.


Step 6: 

Once you have completed inputting your excel information into the word document click Finish and Merge – This is where your email will be complied specific to each recipient and sent to them.


Step 7: 

Once you have done so, go to your Outlook's Sent folder where you should see the emails sent to the recipients completing your mail merge!