Outlook: Creating a Distribution List

Creating a distribution list using Outlook 2010 


Step 1: 

On the home page, click Address Book

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 2.57.23 PM

Step 2: 

Click the File menu then click New Entry 

Under Select the entry type, click New Contact Group, click OK


Step 3: 

Click Add Members followed by From Outlook Contact 

Here you will be able to search your preexisting outlook contacts from your email and add them to the group

Once you have added all the desired contacts to the list click OK, and you’re done!


Creating a distribution list with Outlook Web Access (Webmail) 

Step 1: 

Click Contacts to get your full contact list. You will find this at the bottom left corner of the web page


Step 2: 

Click the drop down arrow beside New and then click Group 


Step 3: 

Click A new window will open up where you can add your lists members by clicking Members…

Double click the contact to add them to the group and then click OK



Step 4: 

Finally, give your group a name and click Save and Close and you’re done!


You can learn more about contact groups and distributions lists Here.