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Welcome to the Bishop’s University support page for all things related to faculty members.

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The IT Helpdesk is located on the main floor of the Library Learning Commons, to the left of circulation. Our services include walk-in computer and technology support, Bishop’s multimedia classroom  & events support. Find the answers to all your IT related questions bellow:



Full-time faculty members are assigned an office, a workstation, and a phone.

When moving into a new office, the assigned workstation and phone follows you. Any IT equipment will be moved by ITS after an official office move request has been made by your chair person.

Full-time faculty members have access to an A3 license which provides access to all the web applications as well as the ability to download the Microsoft 365 applications on up to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones.

Learn more about using the O365 web apps

Learn more about downloading the O365 apps

Contract faculty members are assigned a shared office, a shared workstation, and a shared phone.

When moving into a new office, the IT equipment does not follow you and stays in the current office.

Contract faculty members have access to an A1 license which provides access to all the Microsoft 365 web applications.

Learn more about using the O365 web apps

Should you have any questions or concerns about using the O365 web applications, please, contact the IT Helpdesk.

(819) 822 9600 x2273

If you desire to purchase IT equipment with your Professional Development Funds (PDF) you will need to make an official “Purchasing Requests” on the Octopus Web Portal.

All PDF purchases of IT equipment are limited to the available selection found on the Octopus Portal and need to be pre-approved by ITS. It will not be possible to have a purchase made at a local store reimbursed with your PDF.

All PDF purchases are limited to one tablet, laptop, desktop, monitor, and printer every three years.

To learn more about the purchasing policy, refer to our Personal Computing Hardware & Software Purchasing and Suport Policy

Special requests will need to be pre-approved by ITS, your department Chair, or other authorities depending on the type of request.

Any purchases from departmental funds will need to be pre-approved by your department Chair. Ideally, these request should be made on the Octopus Web Portal by the department Chair.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding departmental purchases, please, contact the IT Helpdesk:

(819) 822 9600 x2273

Any IT equipment purchases from Research Grant funds will need to be pre-approved by the Research Office and ITS. A consultation with both department is required to proceed with this type of purchase.

Only IT equipment purchased through ITS will be approved. It will not be possible to have a purchase made elsewhere reimbursed with your Research Grant funds.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding Research Grant IT purchases, please, contact the IT Helpdesk:

(819) 822 9600 x2273

Bishop’s campus can easily accommodate multimedia events. To book the room that suits your event’s needs perfectly, make sure to consult ITS first.

We will be happy to find you the perfect room to host your academic event in and provide you with the necessary IT equipment and assistance to ensure your event runs smoothly.

Please, note that to ensure you get the best room, IT equipment, and support any event request should be made a minimum of 48h prior to the event and ideally at least one week in advance.

Contact us:

(819) 822 9600 x2273

Interested in bringing a guest speaker to Bishop’s?

Here are a few things to keep in mind before inviting a guest speaker:

    1.  Always consult with ITS first:
      Your quest speaker might want to use multimedia equipment to present. A consultation with ITS prior to the event will be essential to ensure that your guest speaker can present without any technical issues.We can easily setup a Microsoft Teams virtual meeting with your guest speaker and you to go over these details.

      Contact us:

      (819) 822 9600 x2273

      Chat with us!

    2. Internet Connection:
      The only public WiFi available @Bishop’s is ZAP. It might not be available in all areas so it is best to have your guest use the provided classroom workstation.

      From the classroom workstation, your guest speaker will be able to connect to the internet and get access to any material they might require to present. Another option for them is to bring all their presentation material on an USB key. It is important to note that all classes’ workstation run Windows so any PowerPoint presentation made on any other operating system might display slightly differently.

      Should your guest speaker prefer to use their own computer they will need to ensure that no internet connection is required for them to present.

    3. Using their laptop in the classrooms:
      Most classrooms are equipped with an HDMI and VGA cable to allow your guest speaker to connect their own device to the system. However, not all devices will have HDMI/VGA capability. It is the responsibility of the faculty member to consult with ITS and their guest speaker to ensure that connecting to the system will be possible.

      ITS can provide dongles and clickers to accommodate the needs of your guest speaker, however, it is the responsibility of the faculty member to reserve the equipment in advance and to pick it up from the IT Helpdesk prior to the guest speaker’s visit.

      Reserve your equipment today!

      Contact us:

      (819) 822 9600 x2273

While the IT Helpdesk is always happy to assist with any request you might have, please, note that the email and Octopus Web Portal should only be used for technical issues and IT related requests.

Should you require assistance or have questions related to anything else, check the info below to learn more about which department to contact:

The Records Office can assist you with any questions related to using PowerCampus or MyBU. They will also be able to assist you with marks submissions and anything related to using a chair account.

When validating your Self-Service account for the 1st time, you will need to enter your person ID which is provided by the Records Office.

For any issues related to buildings, electrical matters, locks, clocks not working or showing the wrong time, as well as any furniture related issues, please, place a work order to B&G.

If you are experiencing issues with your personal Gaiter Dollars card such as a new balance not showing up or you require a reimbursement, please, contact Residences.

Audiovisual Services

Bishop’s University ITS offers many different Audio-Visual services such as renting equipment and setting up online video conference meetings.

Faculty members can grant permission to their whole class for easier access to borrow IT equipment to all students in a Film or Multimedia class. Learn more below.

Bishops University offers two forms of equipment rental. The first is renting individual items for pick up this includes camera, iPad, laptop, voice recorders and more. The second form is reserving equipment for events where the IT department will setup microphones and speakers at a location on campus ahead of time.

There is a fee when borrowing equipment that is intended for non-academic purposes. You can find out more on our Rental Charges page.

Faculty members can allow their students to borrow any of the IT equipment available for class purposes by emailing the IT Helpdesk at the start of the semester. Simply list your students’ name, the class’ name or code, and the end date when the permission should be revoked.

Learn more about our audio-visual services on our IT Services Offered page.

Learn more about our available IT equipment on our List of Equipment Available to Borrow page.

There are multiple meeting rooms on campus.  These meeting rooms are generally equipped with a computer, a screen, and the option to connect your own laptop. You can book these rooms for meetings using Rooming’it, a web-based calendar application. You can find more information about each room by clicking on its respective link.




Adams Dining Room

Centennial Lobby

The Loft

The IT Department at Bishop’s University offers online video conferencing through BlueJeans. Learn more on how to use the software, and how to book below. BlueJeans allows you to bring in a guest speaker through video conference or connect with large groups remotely.

While BlueJeans can be used for online classes, Microsoft Teams is best suited for this purpose.

Bluejeans Virtual Meetings @ Bishop’s

Synchronous Online Lectures with BlueJeans

Whiteboard and Annotation in BlueJeans

Breakout Rooms in BlueJeans

Showing a Web Video on a Video Conference

Computers & Printing

Bishop’s University has computer labs equipped with specific software, secure printing, photocopying, and scanning. You can learn more about any of these topics in the following section.

Bishop’s University currently uses Xerox photocopiers, and a online system called Follow Me printing. The idea behind follow me printing is that the printer will only print your document if you are signed into the printer. This prevents users from seeing or collecting your documents before you arrive to the printer. This also means that you can print from any photocopier on campus or send a print job from home and recuperate it once on campus.

As faculty members, the funding for printing comes from your respective department. It is always best to contact your department when printing for something that is not related to courses or educational purposes. In the chance that you would like to print personal documents, you can follow the tutorial designed for the general public to print on Bishop’s printers here.

The xerox machines are equipped with ID scanning and book scanning to fulfill all your scanning needs.

How to Add a Printer:

How to Add a Printer on Windows 10

Adding a printer to a Mac computer

Adding a Printer on Windows 7

Printing, Photocopying, Scanning and Faxing:

Printing, Photocopying, & Scanning

FollowMe Printing


How to Scan on a Xerox Photocopier

Scanning a Document Into a Searchable PDF

Book Copying on the Xerox Photocopiers

Faxing from the Xerox Photocopiers


Building a Job on the Xerox Photocopiers

Alternate Login to Xerox Copiers


In addition to a couple department specific computer labs, there are multiple computer labs users can access on campus. These are in Nicolls (N110, N111, N113) and in the Library Learning Commons.
Nicolls 110 & 111 labs are Microsoft Windows only, while N113 is a Mac-only lab. You can learn more about the opening hours and how to reserve using the link below.
To find out what software is equipped on the campus’ workstation check the link below.

Teaching & Learning

In this section we cover all of our offered Educational Technologies such as multimedia classrooms and the equipment found in them. You will find below tutorials on how to use any of the equipment, on teaching online, and using software to make presenting easier.

The educational technologies are generally the same for every classroom except for a few rooms. These include laptop connections via VGA cable, or HDMI, classroom lighting and shades options, a BluRay player, a Windows workstation, and a document reader.

You can learn more about any of these topics by following the links below.

Educational Technologies

Teaching Online:

Synchronous Online Lectures with BlueJeans

Minimum Requirements to Teach Online

Classroom Related:

Multimedia Classroom Technology

Multimedia Classrooms – Displaying your laptop

Multimedia Classrooms – Lighting

Multimedia Classrooms – Showing a Movie

Multimedia Classrooms – Using the desktop

Multimedia Classrooms – Using the Document Camera

Multimedia Classrooms – Laptop

How to Use Mirroring 360

The Sandbox’s Teaching & Tech Adjuncts

Ensemble video is an online video platform that helps capture, manage, and publish videos. You will find  Ensemble tutorials below.

Creating Video Quizzes in Ensemble

Manually Adding Video Files to your Ensemble Library

Recording Content with Ensemble Anthem

Whiteboard Recording with Ensemble Video

Moodle is a powerful tool that allows you to assign a marker, make announcements to your whole class, assign readings, organize your weekly classes, and much more. ITS offers many tutorials about how to use Moodle and will be happy to assist with any questions that cannot be answered from the links below.


Adding a Marker to Your Moodle Class

Grading and Providing Assignment Feedback in Moodle

Time Accommodations on Moodle

Assignments / Discussions:

Adding a Question and Answer Forum on Moodle

Group Forums on Moodle

Moodle Chat – Synchronous Text Based Communication

Creating Quizzes and Exams in Moodle

Files / View:

Editing in Hidden View

Embedding Video – The Basics

Uploading Files to Moodle

Collapsible Topics View in Moodle



IT Support & Training

This section is focused on how you can interact with the IT department. This section covers using BU equipment, how IT can help you, and how to report issues and use the services from IT.

As a new member of the Bishop’s Community you can learn all about the IT department and the various services offered.

Your Bishop’s Account

The Visiting Scholar’s IT Guide

If you ever have any questions related to technology the IT department is the first place you should go.

The Helpdesk

IT Services Offered

Library Learning Commons – IT Services


You should report any technical issue through the Octopus Web Ticket system and the IT department will contact you back with updates and questions until the task has been resolved.

You should also place any service request through the Octopus Web Ticket system to ensure your request is addressed as soon as possible. Any request should be placed a minimum of 48 hours prior to the day of the event and ideally at least a week prior.

Placing an Octopus Web Ticket

Work orders can also be placed to different departments if your needs are not IT related, learn more below.

Work Orders

Email & Collaboration

As of February of 2020, Bishop’s University offers Office 365 (including all of Microsoft office applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Teams, One Drive, Automate and much more) to all staff, faculty, and students. We encourage the Bishop’s community to take full advantage of the collaboration and communication abilities offered within many of the applications, such as the real-time collaboration offered through Word or real-time communication with Teams. You will be able to find answers to your questions about email here as well. Additionally, you can learn all kinds of features to make your workflow smoother, and troubleshoot problems using the guides linked. or Webmail for short is the Outlook Web Application for Bishop’s University. Here you can access all your mail online regardless of where you are. Outlook Web Application is intended to provide you with an online version of Outlook when you cannot otherwise use outlook or would rather have a simple design rather than a complex one. Outlook Web application is incredibly useful for when you aren’t at your computer and need to reply to an email. You can learn more about Webmail using any of the links below.


Webmail: Adding Contacts

Webmail: Attaching an Email

Webmail: Missing Emails and Folders

Webmail: Sharing Large Files

Webmail: Sorting Your Inbox

Webmail: Passwords

Out of Office – Automatic Replies

Guide to Inbox Rules

Connectivity & Phones

In your office you may have a Cisco IP phone model 7841 or 3905. Here we have a few tutorials on how to set your ringtone, transfer calls, view missed calls and more.

Model 3905Model 7841

Cisco IP Phone: 7841

Model 7841: Keys

Assigning A Ringtone

Searching for a Contact

Model 3905: Keys

Transfer Calls

View Missed Calls

See the links below for information about how to configure your mobile device to access your Bishop’s email and calendars, as well as answers to general questions.

Email setup on Android device

Email setup on iOS device

Mobile Phones

3G, 4G and Data Roaming

Monitoring Voice and Data

Text message VS iMessage

iCloud Backups

Purchasing additional iCloud storage

In the case that you find yourself needing to connect wirelessly to Bishop’s network you can learn how to do just that using the tutorials found below. WIZABU, our wireless internet connection works in all academic buildings and faculty offices.

Wireless Internet

Connecting to WIZABU after a certificate update

WIZABU on Windows 10

WIZABU on Android



EDUROAM is a roaming service for teachers, and researchers to have easy and secure networks on other campuses. Bishop’s University is glad to offer EDUROAM to their students and faculty. When visiting another campus you can follow the tutorials to connect to the internet. This only works if the campus has EDUROAM option available. Some institutions do not use EDUROAM. Visiting teachers and researchers will also be able to connect here if their institution has EDUROAM. To learn more follow the links provided.

Security & Passwords

Cyber security is a big priority at Bishop’s University. We want to ensure that your data is safe and secure. In this section we will teach you about how to change your password, what to do after you’ve changed your password, teach you some of our practices, and teach you about browsers and how they save your passwords.

To learn more about the best practices to ensure you create and keep a safe password check the link below.

Password Security Best Practices

Changing passwords is one of the best practices to keeping your account secure. Here we teach you how to change passwords and make sure that you change your password on all your devices to make sure it doesn’t cause any problems.

How to Change Your Password

Using the links below you can find information on how to report a malicious email or malware. There are many scams that you could fall victim to, ITS recommends that you follow these practices to ensure that your data and information stays secure.

Avoiding computer infections

Detecting Phishing Attempts

Email-based malicious attacks

Malware Removal Tips

Tech Support Scams

 Here you will learn all about your browsers saved passwords and how to remove or change them.

Browser’s Built-In Passwords

Chrome Saved Passwords

Safari Saved Passwords

Login & Accounts


Here you will find all other relevant information that may not have been covered in the other sections of this page.

FAQ or frequently asked questions is your one stop shop for all your related questions on that topic.

Windows10 – FAQ

FAQ – Office 365 @ Bishops

FAQ – Office 365 : Teams

FAQ- Office 365 : Word

FAQ- Office 365 : PowerPoint

FAQ – Office 365 : OneDrive