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FortiClient on iOS (iPhone/iPad)

VPN (virtual private network) is a service hosted by Bishops and used to connect to the BU Network OFF-campus. This is typically only necessary when a user needs to access network drives, remote terminal servers, or remote desktop from OFF-campus.

Step 1:

Open the App Store and download the Forticlient VPN app (not the other non-VPN Forticlient app).

Step 2:

Once the app is downloaded and installed, tap Open.

Step 3:

Accept the Privacy Policy.

Step 4:

Accept the support clause.

Step 5:

Allow the FortiClient VPN app to add VPN configurations.

Step 6:

Back in the FortiClient app, Tap on “Select Connection”.

Step 7:

Tap on “Add Configuration…”.

Step 8:

Enter “Bishops” as the Name.

Enter as the Host

Enable SSO at the bottom.

Click “Save” in the upper right.

Step 9:

The VPN connection will be added.

Tap on Done in the upper right.

Step 10:

Tap on “< VPN” in the upper left corner.

Step 11:

To connect to the VPN, simply tap on the toggle button beside “VPN”:

Step 12:

Log in using your Bishop’s full email address and password.


If prompted for multi-factor authentication, approve the sign in request.


You can reply “Yes” if prompted to “Stay signed in”.

Step 13:

The VPN should connect and appear as so:

To disconnect, simply toggle the VPN toggle button.

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