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FortiClient VPN on MacOS

VPN (virtual private network) is a service hosted by Bishops and used to connect to the BU Network OFF-campus. This is typically only necessary when a user needs to access network drives, remote terminal servers, or remote desktop from OFF-campus.

1.  How to request VPN access
2.  How to download the VPN software
3.  How to install the VPN software
4.  How to connect to the VPN
5.  How to disconnect from the VPN

1. How to request VPN access:

In order to get VPN access, your manager must first place a ‘VPN Setup/Config’ Service Request through the Octopus system. To place an Octopus request, please, visit:

2. How to download the VPN software:

Step 2.1:

Visit in your internet browser.

Step 2.2:

Click on the green “Single Sign-On” button.


Step 2.3:

If prompted, log in using your full Bishop’s email and password.

Step 2.4:

Click on the Bookmark for “FortiClient.dmg”.


If your browser asks to allow downloads from, click “Allow”.


3. How to install the VPN software:

Go to your Downloads icon on the dock and click on the newly downloaded file “FortiClient_7.0.1.dmg”.

Step 3.1:

Find the FortiClient icon on your desktop and double-click it to open it.

Step 3.2:

Double-click the Install.mpkg file in the FortiClient folder that opened.

Step 3.3:

The installation process will begin. Click “Continue”.


Step 3.4:

Click “Continue” and then “Agree” to accept the license agreement.

Step 3.5:

Click “Install”.

Step 3.6:

If prompted “”FortiTray” would like to add VPN configurations”, click “Allow”.

Step 3.7:

When prompted to allow “fmon2” Full Disk Access, click “Open Security & Privacy Settings”.

Step 3.8:

Click the lock icon and enter your password to make changes.

Step 3.9:

Scroll down the list and check the item called “fmon2”.


Click on the lock in the bottom left to save the changes.

Step 3.10:

Click “Close” to finish the installation.

Step 3.11:

Once the installation is complete, click “Move to Trash”.


If prompted, click “OK” to allow “Installer” to access files in your Downloads folder.

4. How to connect to the VPN:

Step 4.1:

Locate the black FortiClient icon in the upper right corner of the screen and click on it.

Click on “Connect to”.

Step 4.2:

In the FortiClient window that appears, click on “Remote Access” in the left menu and then click on the “SAML Login” button.

Step 4.3:

If prompted, sign in using your full Bishop’s email address and password.

Step 4.4:

The VPN will then connect and you now have access to the Bishop’s network.

5. How to disconnect from the VPN:


Open the FortiClient window and click the “Disconnect” button.

Or, locate the FortiClient icon in the upper right corner of the screen near the date/time and click on it. Then click “Disconnect”

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