How to get set up with Audacity

The Library Learning Commons offers a myriad of technologies to help with different types of editing projects. One of these projects could be sound editing which is commonly used with the “Audacity” program. You can use audacity as an audio editor for both downloaded sound files or even your own recordings. Below is how to get started with audacity followed by useful tutorials for those who are beginners. You can find Audacity installed in the LLC basement by using the computers in front of the editing studio!

If you want to import your own sound files…

If you are looking to edit already existing sound, you will need to select “File” (1) followed by “import” (2) and then “audio” (3).

Another way to import is by dragging the sound file from your desktop straight into Audacity.

Click on this tutorial that shows you what you can do with Audacity and how!