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Installing the FortiClient VPN Client on Windows

VPN (virtual private network) is a service hosted by Bishops and used to connect to the BU Network OFF-campus. This is typically only necessary when a user needs to access network drives, remote terminal servers, or remote desktop from OFF-campus.

This article is for those that do not have the client software Forticlient installed. Click here to learn how to use the Forticlient software.

How to request VPN access:

In order to get VPN access, your manager must first place a ‘VPN Setup/Config’ Service Request through the Octopus system. To place an Octopus request, please, visit:

1. How to download the software:

Step 1.1:


Step 1.2:

Click on the green “Single Sign-On” button.

Step 1.3:

If prompted, log in using your full Bishop’s email and password.

Step 1.4:

Click on the Bookmark for “FortiClient.exe”.

Step 1.5:

Click “Open” if prompted by your internet browser.

Step 1.6:

If your browser complains about the file being untrusted, click on the 3 dots to the right of the file in the Downloads list and click “Keep”.

Step 1.7:

If Microsoft Defender SmartScreen complains about the file being unsafe, click “Show more”.

Step 1.8:

Click “Keep anyway”.

Step 1.9:

If you get a blue “Windows protected your PC” window, click the “More info” link.

Step 1.10:

Then click the “Run anyway” button.

Note: NEVER do this for programs that you do not know!

In this case, you downloaded the software directly from a trusted source, the Bishop’s VPN website, so the file is safe.

2. How to install the software:

Step 2.1:

The installer will FINALLY run! 🙂

Step 2.2:

Click the checkbox to agree to the license agreement and then click “Next”.

Step 2.3:

Click “Next” to accept the default destination folder.

Step 2.4:

Click “Install”.

Step 2.5:

Click “Finish” once the program has successfully installed. If you run into any problems, please contact ITS support!

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