Multimedia Classrooms – Using the Document Camera

How to use the document cameras in our Multimedia classrooms:

To use the document camera with the projector unit in our classrooms, you must first select the document camera option on the touch panel. There are different sorts of touch panels, but the document camera option will be clearly marked on the page¬†after the “Touch to Begin” page.

750 Select Page - Document Camera

Once that has been selected, you can turn on the document camera from the button located on top of the machine. You will also need to extend the document camera’s arm as shown in the picture below.

Document Camera Use

The document camera is now ready for use!

Addition controls:

You might notice that there are additional options for control of the document camera on both the touch panel and the camera itself. You can switch the illumination between back and front lit, this is to differentiate between paper and transparencies. You can also zoom and focus by following the indicated buttons on the document camera or touch screen.



Please make sure you turn off the system and the document camera before leaving.