Activating your Self-Service Account

The first time you attempt to log in on the new system, you will be asked some additional information to verify your identity. You will not need to do this for subsequent logins – after this one-time verification you will be able to access all pages and features as usual with your Bishop’s username and password.

To login to MyBu:

Step 1: 

Go to and enter the information as you see in the example image below. Or go to the Bishops home page, on top right of the page click on Tools and choose MyBu and enter your credentials.

To verify your account:

Step 1: 

Here you should fill in the personal information that was in the email sent to you. Note that this information must be filled-in exactly as it was sent to you or the verification will fail.

Step 2: 

Leading zeros in the “System ID” are critical, and the “Date of Birth” must be of the form YYYY-MM-DD (If you are a BU Staff or Faculty please contact us for Date of Birth information). You can see an example of the form filled out in the following picture:

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