Office 365 – Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication, hereafter referred to as MFA, is a protocol for adding a higher level of security (beyond just a password) to an account. You may be familiar with this already as something called “2 factor authentication” which many social media networks and most email providers already offer. Traditionally, this is done by texting you a 6 digit code after you have entered your password on a website.

MFA is based on the principles of “something you know, and something you have”. You “know” your password, and you “have” your mobile device.

Bishop’s is introducing MFA to our campus with our launch of Office 365. Currently, the only place you will be “challenged” (MFA terminology) for that additional step will be when logging on to use Office 365 services. Current, on campus, services will continue to operate as they always have.

Although receiving the 6 digit code by text has been the traditional method of getting the second factor sent to you, it is neither the most secure, nor the fastest method of doing this. ITS recommends that you instead use the “Microsoft Authenticator” app on your phone or tablet. (Download the app for iOS with this link. Download the app for Android with this link.)

1. How to Setup or Modify MFA

  1. Setting MFA for the 1st time
  2. Modifying your MFA
Setting up the Microsoft Authenticator app only takes a couple of minutes and you only need to do it once! See the video below for a step-by-step screencast of doing this.

To setup (or modify) the MFA settings for your Office 365 account, visit

1.1 Setting MFA for the 1st time

Follow the steps bellow if you are setting up MFA for the 1st time or if you have made a request to have your MFA reset by ITS

Step 1:

Go to

Sign in using your Bishop’s email address and password

Step 2:

When setting up your MFA for the first time a message indicating that more information is required will appear. Click “Next”

Step 3:

You will be asked to choose your preferred MFA method.
ITS strongly recommends using these exact settings as they are currently the safest and fastest way to access and protect your account

  1. Select from the drop-down menu “Mobile app”
  2. Select “Receive notification for verification”
  3. Click “Setup” to setup your mobile app

NOTE:You should never set your preferred MFA method to your office phone or any landline. Learn why in our FAQ Section

Step 4:

A QR code will appear.
To scan it, Download the iOS app
or Download the Android app

Step 5:

Once the app downloaded, open it and click “Scan QR code”

Step 5-1:

If you do not see the option to scan the QR Code, select “Add an account” and choose “Work or school account”

Step 6:

Once the QR code scanned, a message will indicate that the mobile app has been configured.
Click “Next”

Step 7:

Once configured, the Microsoft portal site will attempt to verify your account.
Check your mobile device and follow the next step’s instructions.

Step 8:

Open the Microsoft Authentication app on your mobile device and click “Approve”

Step 9:

You will need to add a backup method in case you lose access to the mobile app.
Enter your phone number and click “Done”

You have now successfully configured your MFA with the safest and fastest method.

Next time you need to access your Office 365 account, simply open the Microsoft Authentication app on your mobile device and click “Approve”.

1.2 Modifying your MFA

Coming Soon!

2. Using MFA

See this 1.5 minute video below showing just how easy it will be to log in with this app!

With the Microsoft Authenticator application you will be able to access your Office 365 services with the click of a button. Using the Microsoft Authenticator app is quick and easy:

Step 1:

Login to or into your O365 apps using your Bishop’s email and password.

Step 2:

When prompted to “Approve sign in” check the mobile device you have previously setup the Microsoft Authenticator app on.

Note: You can check the box to prevent the validation step for 14 days.

Step 3:

Open the Microsoft Authentication app on your mobile device and click “Approve”

3. FAQ

Coming Soon!