Outlook: Archiving Email

What is Archiving?959744da5b

Archiving email allows for large amounts of email to be removed from the server and stored locally on your current computer. When you choose to archive your email, your  dedicated space allotted to your inbox is freed up while simultaneously maintaining a copy of all the emails on your hard drive

These emails can be accessed at any time from THAT COMPUTER but will no longer be associated with your webmail access. Outlook archives these files into a .ost file which only Outlook can read, so be sure when trying to access these emails, you use the Outlook program from which you created the archive.

Please Note: The downside to using archiving is that should your computer’s hard drive crash, the emails archived can no longer be retrieved. For all intents and purposes this isn’t a large concern and provides you with a means of keeping emails and providing space inside your inbox.

How to Archive Your Mail

Archiving your mail can be done in two ways: Automatically and Manually.

How to set up AutoArchive:

Step 1: 

Under the ‘File‘ tab, select the ‘Options‘ button.


Step 2: 

In the Options window, select ‘Advanced‘.




Step 3: 

To the right, select ‘AutoArchive Settings‘ under the ‘AutoArchive‘ section.




Step 4: 

The AutoArchive window has 3 important options that you can modify:



  • Ensure that 'Run AutoArchive' is checked and select the interval at which AutoArchive will run.
  • Ensure that 'Archive or delete old items' is checked.
  • The final box provides some specifics as to how AutoArchive will store your email.
    • 'Clean out items older than' allows you to select at which age (ow long it has been since the mail has been modified, replied to) that that mail will be archived at.
    • 'Move old items to:' allows you to choose WHERE on your computer that the .ost archive folder will be stored.
    • 'Apply these settings to all folders now' will apply these AutoArchive settings to all of your mail folders.

How to Manually Archive Mail:

Step 1: 

Under the ‘File‘ tab, select the ‘Info‘ tab.




Step 2: 

Select the ‘Cleanup Tools‘ menu.




Step 3: 

Select ‘Archive…




Step 4: 

The Archive window provides you with a variety of options:



  • The first box allows you to select the folder (and all of its subfolders) that you want archived.
  • 'Archive items older than:' allows to you choose the date from which you want items archived.
  • 'Archive file:' allows you to choose the location of the archived.


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