Using Web Print

Web Print is a useful part of the new printing set up on campus that will allow you to print a PDF document or Image directly from your personal computer to a printer or photocopier on campus without having to install that printer.

Getting Started with Web Print

Step 1:

After logging into you can access the “Web Print” tab and you will be able to select “Submit a Job” and then continue to add your document.

Step 2:

Once you go to “Submit a Job” will be to select the printer that you wish to send the job to. Once you have selected the desired printer you can click on the next step. Please note that the printers specify the type of print job you would like to select, which is black and white one sided, color one sided, black and white double sided and color double sided. After choosing the print setting click on “Print Options and Account Selection” button to continue.


Printing Options and Uploading

Step 1:

Once you are on “Options” you will be able to select the number of copies you would like to print.

Step 2:

In the final step you will be able to upload the file by either dragging and dropping the file you wish to print or choosing one by clicking “Upload from Computer” (note: only PDF files and Image files can be printed through Web Print). You will then be able to upload the file from your computer then proceed by clicking the “Upload and Complete” button. At this point your document will print to the printer that you selected in the second step.

After finishing the previous steps you can see a list of uploaded files, file size and printing cost on Web Print. These files are available to be printed from any photocopier for the next 24hour following the upload time.

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