Scanning a Document Into a Searchable PDF

When scanning a document on a Xerox photocopier, it is possible to create a searchable PDF version of the scanned document. This feature will allow to copy text directly from the PDF document, make the PDF searchable, and make the document compatible with programs for the visually impaired.

Step 1:

Select “Email” to send the scanned document to an email address and enter the desired sender.

Step 2:

Select “Attachment”.

Step 3:

Select the right box to open a list of file format to send your scanned document as.

Select “Custom” from that list.

NOTE: If you desire, you can change the name of the scanned document in the box to the left.

Step 4:

Select “PDF” for your document’s format.

Select “Yes” for the Searchable section.

Make sure you enter the language of the document you wish to scan into a searchable PDF.

Step 5:

Select “OK”.

Press the green “START” button to start scanning the document and have it sent to your recipient.