Avoiding computer infections

1. Avoid visiting suspicious and untrustworthy Web sites.

2. Always verify what you are downloading. Only download media and applications from well-known and trusted Web sites such as a developer’s own web site or the App Store on Mac. If you have a doubt about the authenticity of the program you downloaded do a quick Internet search and see if any issues were reported.

3. Use an antivirus on Windows. We suggest Windows defender on Windows 8 or above.

4.¬† Avoid Peer-to-peer sharing applications. Pirated software, music, movies… can be potential threats to your computer. This can be anything from changing permissions to downloading Trojans and other malicious software onto your computer.

5. Understand the risks linked to using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other similar sites.¬†These social media platforms are increasingly being used to spread malicious software and are prone to malicious hacking. Don’t follow links that look suspicious and be aware of the fact that your friends’ accounts can also be hacked in order to impersonate them.

6. Check for security updates and software updates regularly and install them.