Firefox Saved Passwords

Step 1: 

Open Firefox and on the top right of the window click on the options button, then choose “Preferences”. (You can click the images at the right to enlarge them).



Step 2: 

Choose the “Security” tab, and under logins click on “Saved logins”.



Step 3: 

In the window you can see a list of all saved passwords in Firefox. Choose the account for which you wish to view the password and click on “Show Passwords”.



Step 4: 

A window will pop-up asking you to confirm this command, click on yes. Now you can see the passwords.



Step 5: 

To remove a saved password, click on the account you wish to delete and choose “Remove”.



Step 6: 

The account will be removed, and as you can see in this example, there are no other passwords saved on the browser.