Reporting a Phishing Email on Mac Outlook

This is a tutorial to guide you through the steps of reporting spam and phishing emails to us.

Step 1:

Insure that the email is an actual phishing email. As you can see here, this can easily be told by the sender of the email and the spelling/grammar errors. A good sign that it is most likely a phishing email is if the email is marked as external. Also make sure to check the date on which it was sent, we can only report emails up to 48 hours old.

Step 2:

Once you have confirmed that the email is fraudulent you will need to forward the email as an attachment to the ITS Helpdesk email address. To do so, press the forward as attachment button on the top left side of the screen.

Step 3:

From here you will type in the helpdesk email ( and send it!

Step 4:

Once you have successfully forwarded the fraudulent email, you should delete it.

Step 5:

Thank you for reporting a phishing email to us!