What To Do When You Receive a Phishing Email – Windows

So you’ve landed on an email that seems suspicious. The best thing to do is to forward the email to the ITS helpdesk however, it’s not your usual forwarding. Below are the steps on how to forward the email properly so the ITS helpdesk can properly verify the email. But first, let’s look at the signs that show us that the message is potentially a phishing attempt.

If the email has/is…

-An email address you do not recognize (even if it is from someone you know)
-There are spelling mistakes in the name or throughout the message
-From an external source

Step 1 While you’re on the “phishy” email…

So you think it’s a phishing attempt and would like to report it to us. The best way is to forward the message as an attachment so that we can see the headers. You can forward it as an attachment by clicking on “More” in the upper left corner of Outlook followed by “forward as attachment”.

Step 2: After you’ve clicked on “forward as attachment”…

You will see that the message you want to report will have a small envelope next to it that is un-open. This way we will be able to see the headers and verify where the email is coming from. Once that is done you are ready to forward it to helpdesk@ubishops.ca.