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Covid Mitigation

ITS Fall 2020 / COVID-19 Mitigation


Online Training Sessions with an Instructional Designer
The University has contracted with an Instructional Designer who normally works at UofT to host a series of sessions in the month of August to assist faculty members with converting courses for online/hybrid delivery, increasing engagement in online classes, and other topics. Juan Mavo-Navarro has been a faculty member at 3 universities and has worked in distance education for more than 20 years.
Specifically, the topics he will host sessions on in August/September will be:

• Increasing Engagement Online - 1.5 hours
• Transitioning an Existing Course to an Online Format - 3.0 hours
• How to Develop a New Online Course - 4.0 hours (Note:  only delivered once)
• Formative Assessment Techniques - 1.5 hours
• Ensuring Accessibility Online - 1.0 hours
• Tips & Tricks for Synchronous Online Activities - 1.5 hours
Except for the one noted above, all sessions will be delivered twice during August to give maximum opportunity for people to attend.
*To view the schedule and participate, check your emails for a message from Scott Stoddard [Notices] sent on Thursday, August 6.
Online Learning and Technology Consultants
The Online Learning and Technology Consultants offer many comprehensive services to help you transition your classes to a digital learning environment. Their mandate is to Design for Delight focusing on:  Community, Engagement, Accessibility, Inclusivity, High Impact Practices (HIPs)​
What they can do for you: 
  • Work with you to modify your syllabus for online synchronous and asynchronous learning 
  • Migrate resources from the old Moodle to the new Moodle as well as help you navigate the updated website 
  • Or build you a Moodle page from the ground up incorporating: 
    • A custom landing page 
    • Video quizzes 
    • Perusall 
    • Office Hour scheduler 
    • Ensemble Video 
    • Chat and video forums 
    • Wikis 
    • Private journals 
  • Give suggestions for content delivery 
  • Edit longer lectures into micro-lectures, which are proven to be more effective in online learning
  • Reconfigure your gradebook to reflect high-impact practices
  • Redesign testing capabilities 
  • Help with any questions regarding our school-wide digital platforms (Microsoft Teams, Ensemble Video, Moodle, Perusall)​​
Online Classroom Upgrades
  • All classrooms have been equipped with a webcam with a 15" long cable and tripod stand to allow teachers to record their classes as needed.
    *This excludes all the classrooms already ready for "Lecture Capture".
  • Microsoft Teams is also installed on all the classrooms workstation to allow for synchronous teaching.
Lightboard Studio
ITS has built a Lightboard Studio in the production studio space of the Library Learning Commons. This technology adjunct enables the recording of very high quality asynchronous modules which will be put into the Ensemble video library of the faculty member so that they can then place that content into their Moodle classes at any time. Faculty members wishing to use this space will be assisted by a student “lightboard technician” who will assist them with the technical details of the recording aspect, perform basic edits to the recorded video (basically, cutting the video into “clips”, adding in a title at the beginning, and ensuring that the audio is good), and then upload the video to the faculty member’s Ensemble library.

Everyone @ Bishop’s

BestBuy Laptops Deal
The University has partnered with Best Buy to bring some promotional pricing on laptops and other technology which students may need to take online classes this Fall. These deals are also available for faculty and staff.)
Promotional pricing in effect until September 11th.
Note: computers purchased through this promo are not eligible for PDF reimbursement.

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Computer Labs & Public Equipment

The number of available computers has been reduced to comply with social distancing regulations. Keyboards and mice have been removed from the workstations that are too near to one another. A "Sitting Not Permitted" sticker has been placed in front of these workstations.

Disposable sanitazing cloths stations are located near the public equipment, it is the responsibility of every user to ensure their surface and equipment is sanitize before and after every use.