How to Use Mirroring 360

This tutorial will explain how to set up and use Mirroring 360, a program that allows you to present content wirelessly in any of the classrooms and study rooms on campus.

Note: You must be connected to WIZABU in order to use this feature.

Step 1:

Download the Mirroring 360 Assist app on your smartphone, PC, Mac or other device.

Follow the links below to download:


Step 2:

In the Mirroring 360 app on your device, open Mirroring Assist by tapping the icon in the bottom right corner.

Open Mirroring 360 on the device you wish to broadcast to. You can now enter the Mirroring ID or select the QR button to generate a QR code.

Step 3:

Enter the mirroring ID, or scan the QR code using the scanner provided by the app.

Step 4:

Enter the password as shown on the screen of the receiving device in the space provided in the app.

Step 5:

Your devices are now connected and you can minimize the Mirroring assist app.

You are now able to broadcast your device on the screen of the receiving device.

Using the Browser Extension

Step 1:
Ensure that Google Chrome is installed on your PC or Mac.
You can download Chrome here: Google Chrome

Step 2:

Follow this link to access the Mirroring 360 page in the Chrome Store: Mirroring 360 Sender

Step 3:
Click the “Add to Chrome” button

Step 4:

The Mirroring 360 Chrome Extension has now been added to your browser. To access it, click the Mirroring 360 icon.

You are now able to use Mirroring360 to broadcast content from your Chrome browser!


Mirroring 360 will save your recently used devices for quick access next time you need to broadcast content.