Recording Content with Ensemble Anthem

Ensemble Anthem is a software package that we have available for all faculty to use which will allow recording of content that can (optionally) be placed right on Moodle automatically.

Anthem allows you to record:

  • Your webcam and microphone only
  • Your computer screen and microphone only
  • Your computer screen and microphone with a small picture-in-picture view of your webcam which can be placed in the corner of the screen

You can even annotate on the screen while recording!

When you finish recording the content, you have the ability to make some minor edits (trim a section off of the beginning or the end) and then the video is uploaded to our campus Ensemble Server (basically, our own private video server like YouTube).

How to record basic content with Ensemble Anthem:

If you don’t have a webcam on your computer, or would prefer to use your phone or tablet to record a video (say, of you standing next to a whiteboard and delivering a “traditional” lecture), you can use the Ensemble Video App for iPhone/iPad.

Once you have the content in your Ensemble Video library, you can choose to post that content in Moodle, either manually or automatically.