Student Resources for Online Class Participation

Accessing your campus “M-drive” from home

You can access your M-drive space to download any saved files you might have on campus by visiting (note, this is not the “normal” Moodle) and using the “My Files” widget at the right.  See the video below for details:

Moodle Resources

Uploading an Assignment to Moodle

If your professor has created an assignment submission space on Moodle, but you have never submitted electronic assignments to them this way before, here’s the simple process to submit your assignments this way:

More resources coming soon, please check back later.

Bluejeans Tips & Tricks

So, your professor has scheduled a Bluejeans session, either for a live class or for “virtual office hours”.  The best way to connect to Bluejeans is with the actual app installed on either your computer or mobile device.

On a computer, you will require at least a working microphone, but a camera is even better.

Connecting to Bluejeans requires the “Meeting ID”.  This is the 9-digit number that was sent to you by the prof.  If you only received a link (ie. the meeting ID will be the 9 numbers at the end, although on most computers, tapping on the link will open the app if you already have it installed.

The single biggest tip to ensuring a smooth experience on Bluejeans is to ensure that if you’re not speaking, you mute your microphone.  Do this by clicking on this icon at the top of your Bluejeans window:

So it looks like this:

Sometimes (especially on a computer more so than a phone or tablet), getting the camera and microphone to work properly in Bluejeans can be an issue.  Bluejeans has a support article with tips to assist in troubleshooting this.  ITS can also help, if you have tried these steps and are still having issues.  Email from your BU email account and we’ll contact you.

Creating and Uploading Video Assignments

How to get good audio when recording at home:

Resources coming soon, please check back later.