Submitting Assignments Using Moodle

It only takes a few minutes to setup an assignment submissions link on Moodle and there’s no limit to the number you can have on your course page.

Creating one also automatically creates an entry in the gradebook and facilitates you easily getting both a grade and feedback returned to the student efficiently.

Some first considerations:

  • While you can accept any kind of file (or, even multiple files) with an assignment submission, the recommended type for anything “text based” would be a PDF.
  • You can set the assignment to only allow certain file types. When you accept only PDFs it allows for easier feedback to be added without even having to download the file to your computer.
  • Assignment files can be up to 500MB (megabytes) in size. This should be more than sufficient for any text document, pictures, slides, etc., and even most video. Occasionally, if you need students to upload very large files like 30-minute videos recorded on their phone, using WeTransfer to email you the files may be required.

See below for a quick (5 minute!) video from Professor Trevor Gulliver detailing the process of setting up an assignment submission: