Services Offered

Our Clients – Who/Conditions/Charges

1.  Faculty and Students – Academic Use

Priority is given to the provision of equipment for the support of Bishop’s University sponsored academic programs and specifically CLASSROOM activities. Equipment is loaned free of charge to professors and students for academic purposes, i.e., credit courses

To ensure availability, equipment must be booked as far in advance as possible. At least 24 hours notice is required if equipment is to be moved by Buildings and Grounds.

Faculty wishing to borrow equipment for academic-related (credit course) use may reserve equipment by contacting the ITS Client Services Centre by phone, in writing or in person. Reserving ahead of time will ensure availability. All equipment loan forms must be signed before the time of withdrawal of the equipment from the ITS Client Services Centre. Pick-up and delivery of certain equipment (e.g., TV/VCR) can be arranged on a one time or on a regular time (e.g., semester) basis. Equipment is due back on the date recorded on the loan form. A longer loan period must be arranged through the ITS Client Services Centre staff since the inventory available is limited. Failure to return the equipment on time will result in a fine that is equivalent to the charge for equipment rental (see: Rental Charges).

Students are permitted to sign out equipment for course-related assignments under the following conditions:

-provision of student loan form signed by the professor teaching the course or in his/her absence – the department chairperson.  Provision of the student’s ID card number and phone number.


-class list provided by the professor who has signed as responsible for any equipment used or for any charges for supplies used (e.g., transparencies).
Those signing assume responsibility for equipment loss or damaged and the payment of costs incurred.

2. Official Student Groups – Non Academic Use

Official student groups may borrow equipment with the approval of the Student Representative Council (SRC) Vice-President of Finance (Bishop’s University). These types of rentals must be approved by the ITS Client Services Centre’s Coordinator or Supervisor.

3. Faculty, Staff, Conference Groups – Non Academic Use

Subject to availability, equipment may be rented for non-academic purposes by faculty and staff of Bishop’s University. Renters agree in writing to assume financial responsibility for any loss or damage which might occur during the period of time that the equipment is in their possession. Rental fees include an insurance amount.

Technical or operator labour costs apply if set-up is needed and if technical or operator personnel are required. This must be booked in advance.

Long-term Loans

This type of loan must be renewed on a semester basis, with the understanding that the equipment can be recalled at any time. All equipment must be returned for cleaning and inventory check at the end of each semester. Renewal for the following academic semester can be arranged at this time.

Audio-Visual and Multimedia Services

Equipment – Broken, Lost, Stolen

Departments or individuals will be charged for the replacement cost of any equipment lost or the cost of repairs for damage that is incurred while equipment is booked under their supervision.

Equipment Inventory

Equipment available from the Multimedia Centre:

Audio Equipment
AM/FM Radio/ Double Cassette/ CD Player
Cassette Recorder – Large
Cassette Recorder – Small

Video Equipment

Projection Equipment
Opaque Projector
Overhead Transparency Projector
Portable Screen 6′, 7′, 8′
Slide Projector
Wireless Remote for Slide Projector

Photographic Equipment
Digital Photo Camera
Digital Video Camera

Sound Systems
Large, Medium, Small P.A. System
Conference Audio Recording System
Large Microphone Mixer (up to 12 Mics)
Small Microphone Mixer (up to 4 Mics)
Microphone:Clip-On, Handheld, Lavaliere, Floor, Table

Specialized Equipment*
Computer Projection Unit (CPU) -includes laptop computer
Computer Data Projectors
Laptop Computers

Miscellaneous Equipment
Extension Cords, Microphone cables

Bishop’s academic purpose only:

Computer / Data Projectors (portable)
Laptop Computers

Rental only:
Public Address Systems (P.A.)
Audio Mixing Boards
Wireless Hand-Held Microphone
Wireless Lavaliere Microphone

Equipment Borrowing Policies


Audio-visual service is provided to all buildings on campus with the exception of the Champlain Building.

Equipped Classrooms
(with the following permanent installations)

Note: If you use slides and/or videos and/or computer projection on a regular basis, arrange through the Registrar’s Office (ext. 2237) or Continuing Education for evening classes (ext. 2254) to have classes booked in one of the appropriately equipped classrooms.

Overhead Transparency Projectors: are in all classrooms

These overhead projectors are not to be removed from the classrooms for any reason. Any problems with an overhead projector are to be reported to the ITS Client Services Centre staff immediately. There are two bulbs in all projectors. If one bulb burns out during usage: 1) turn off the projector, 2) then slide the lever in the front or bottom of the projector to put the new bulb in position, 3) turn on the projector.

Multimedia (computer and video projectors): Consult the ITS Client Services Centre for the list of rooms and equipment available, or visit the “Multimedia Rooms” on this web site.

Equipment Charges

Equipment for academic use, is provided at no charge. Non-academic or personal use rentals by faculty and staff of Bishop’s is rented at a cost that is less than the commercial rental rates in the area.
* Some exceptions apply.

Equipment Maintenance

The ITS Client Services Centre arranges servicing of all equipment in its inventory including the Language Lab equipment, equipment in the equipped rooms and equipment on extended loan to departments. Please report any problem with equipment to the ITS Client Services Centre.

Technical Services

Scanning, Printing, CD Writing & Transparencies

The ITS Client Services Centre has the service to scan both photographs or text for the web or for transfer to a CD, USB key, or your network drive. If you wish to have scanning done, bring your document or photo along with a USB key to the ITS Client Services Centre for a price quote.

The ITS Client Services Centre also has computer printing service. We offer colour printing on photographic paper or transparency film as well as black and white or laser text printing.

The ITS Client Services Centre is equipped with a transparency machine for photocopying on to black and white transparencies. This machine is for the use by anyone on campus on a cash basis. Professors may charge transparencies to their department. Please Note: The ITS Client Services Centre does not have a photo copier for copying to regular paper or offer any other photocopying services.

Please Note: Scanning and colour printing may require a 24 hours notice. Charges apply for all of these services and materials.  Clients may pay with cash, Master Card, Visa or Interac. Professors and administrative users will be charged through their department.


If you wish to videotape an event, call the ITS Client Services Centre for information.

Commercial tapes cannot be duplicated unless we are provided with written authorization from the current distributor to do so.

Technical Assistance and Rates

Persons requiring technical assistance with, or instruction on how to operate, any equipment loaned or rented through the ITS Client Services Centre can arrange an appointment by phone or in person.  This includes personal instruction in any of our multimedia classrooms.  For successful presenting, it is recommended that one always takes time to practice with the equipment, to become familiar with the practical issues that a new medium imposes, and to remove or resolve any obstacles that may occur in a particular presentation.  One can book equipment ahead of time for a practice run in a specific location, or a multimedia classroom, – with our without the aid of a technician.

Technical Assistance Rates:
Call the Helpdesk, , 822-9600, ext. 2273
Email: Helpdesk

Discounts / Late Charges

Terms & Conditions

  1. A late charge equal to the daily rate will apply to all late equipment.
  2. The minimum rental fee is $5.00 per day.
  3. Bishop’s and non-profit events receive a 50% discount on equipment rentals.
  4. Bishop’s employees receive a 25% discount on rentals (for personal use).
  5. Payment for equipment is due when equipment is taken out.
  6. Equipment usage, rental and services must be approved by the Coordinator, Client Services.
  7. Clients must sign a “responsibility” form before receiving any equipment.
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