The Sandbox’s Teaching & Tech Adjuncts

The Sandbox is a flexible classroom located in the Library Learning Commons. It offers a wide range of educational technologies which can be explored on this page. If you would like to learn more about using the teaching & tech adjuncts available in the Sandbox, create an Octopus ticket to request a multimedia training session with one of our multimedia experts.

Continue reading below to see the features available in this classroom.

Mobile Professor Lectern

The faculty lectern in the sandbox is very similar to what you’ll find in most Bishop’s classrooms. The difference in this space is that the lectern is mobile! Would your classroom dynamic feel better with you conducting class from the back of the room? No problem! The lectern has the same tools you’re used to having: a computer, a document camera, a Bluray player and a laptop connection.

As in all BU classrooms and meeting rooms, this computer also has Mirroring360 allowing wireless presentation from all types of phones and tablets.

6x Wall-Mounted Screens With Computers

Build group tables around the walls of the room to allow students to work on projects on each group screen. Each screen has its own computer with wireless keyboard and mouse so all group members can easily use the system. These screens can be used as completely independent computers or set in either “transmit” or “receive” mode. In “transmit” mode, the faculty member can take the contents of any screen in the room and transmit it to the front projector and/or any of the other screens. This is very useful for going around the room showing group work to others. In “receive” mode, the faculty member can send content to any or all of the screens. Excellent for viewing fine detail, spreadsheets, etc. And of course, each of these computers also has Mirroring360 installed so that students can wirelessly display content from their mobile devices.

Up To 4 Mobile Screens With Computers

In addition to the screens on the outside of the room, you can also have up to four mobile screens with computers. These are exactly the same as the computers and screens on the wall but allow you to set up group tables in the middle of the room.

Portable Whiteboards

The sandbox has a cart containing portable, double-sided, whiteboards that can be used by individuals or groups and then all placed on the cart for either storage or presentation.

Telework Robot

LLC106 has a Double Robotics Double2 telework robot stationed in the corner of the room. This robot can be utilized by students (permission granted only by faculty request) to attend and participate in class remotely. Utilizing the mobile platform of the robot, students can move around the room to position themselves within the audience and even participate in group work from anywhere on the planet! Only one student at a time can connect to the robot. This is a platform for experimenting with different kinds of remote learning and telework.

If you are interested in allowing a student to try the robot for remote use, grant that student access by placing an Octopus request.

“Bluejeans” Classes and Meetings

While only one student can connect remotely via the robot, sometimes you want multiple students to be able to join in to a class from off campus. The sandbox has a ceiling-mounted camera and microphone allowing you to host your class on our Bluejeans web-conferencing system. Remote attendees can see a view of the front of the room (projection screen and lectern) and can hear both the faculty member and all of the students in the room. The 2 TVs on the back wall of the room become the screens where you can see and hear the remote participants. This setup allows for synchronous online classes where you have some students local and some remote but all participating in the class as it happens.

Lecture Capture

The camera and microphone in the room can also be used to allow the faculty member to “lecture capture” their classes. This records a dual stream video (the camera/microphone AND whatever is shown on the computer) to a secure video server which only the faculty member has access to. These recordings can be simply stored for future use or the system can be configured to put the recordings automatically onto Moodle right after each class.

“High-Touch” Recordings and/or Meetings

In the event that the faculty member wants to do a more advanced BlueJeans class or lecture capture, the Sandbox actually has 3 fully controllable ceiling-mounted camera in the room. By having a technician in the side room, you can have a higher quality session by aiming and zooming these 3 cameras to get the best view in the moment, whether that’s of one speaker at the front of the room or a “directed” session where the operator cuts to camera views of group work or questions being asked, etc.