View Missed Calls

On the phone screen, in front of the extension number, you can see the number of calls you have missed.

Step 1: 

Push the settings key on the phone (has a gear icon).


Step 2: 

You should see 5 options. Choose ‘Call History’ by using the ring buttons to go up and down, and push the center of the center of green ring to select it.


Step 3: 

After choosing call history, you will have a list of all the lines available to you. Choose the one you wish to see using the green ring.

Step 4: 

Push the center circle to confirm.


Step 5: 

You will see the list of all your calls, you can scroll down using the green ring. Selecting any of the listed calls will initiate a call back to that number.

Step 6: 

Push the return arrow to go back to previous menus.


Step 7: 

Alternatively, you can select 'more' to get more options, including the option to clear the list.