WIZABU on Windows 7

Follow these steps to connect to the WIZABU network on Windows 7 devices.

Step 1: 

From the Start menu, start typing “Network and Sharing Center”, then click the “Network and Sharing Center”.


Step 2: 

In the left hand sidebar of the window that pops up, click Manage wireless networks.


Step 3: 

If WIZABU is in the list, remove it by selecting it and clicking “Remove”.


Step 4: 

Return to the “Network and Sharing Center” and click on “Set up a new connection or network”.


Step 5: 

When the box appears, click “Manually connect to a wireless network”, then click next.

Step 6: 

On the next screen, make sure the following information is input exactly as shown:
– Network name: WIZABU
– Security type: WPA2-Enterprise
– Encryption type: AES
– Check “Start this connection automatically”
– Uncheck “Connect even if the network is not broadcasting”


Step 7: 

A message saying “Successfully added WIZABU” will appear. Click on “Change connection settings”.


Step 8: 

In the box that pops up, click on the Security tab. Under “Choose a network authentication method:” select “Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)” and then click on “Settings”.

Step 9: 

In the window that pops up, uncheck “Verify the server’s identity by validating the certificate”.

Under “Select Authentication Method:” make sure “Secured Password (EAP-MSCHAP v2)” is selected. Then click on Configure


Step 10: 

Uncheck “Automatically use my Windows logon name and password”. Click on OK on all 3 windows and then Close.


Step 11: 

A small popup should appear saying “Additional information is needed to connect to WIZABU”.  Click this popup and you will be promoted to enter your username and password.

You should type just your username (not username@ubishops.ca). This is the same username and password that you use to log into Moodle, Webmail & myBU, campus computers, etc. Your username is not case-sensitive, but your password is.

Note: you may need to enter your username and password multiple times for WIZABU to recognize them.


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