Work Orders

These instructions detail how to place work orders for three campus services that Faculty & Staff frequently use.

1. Placing a Work Order for Buildings & Grounds

Buildings & Grounds will be your go-to for any work orders involving physical and facility related needs, such as setting up chairs & tables for events, moving furniture, or fixing a broken item.

Step 1.1:

From your employee MyBU account, select “B&G Work Orders”.

Step 1.2:

You will be asked to log in again. Use the same credentials as you used to log into MyBU.

Step 1.3:

This page is where you can enter your specific work order, following the drop down menus as you add your location, building, campus ground, etc. When you have finished filling out the form with the relevant information, click submit at the bottom of the page.

2. Placing a Work Order for ITS

For technology related problems or requests, the Bishop’s ITS Department uses Octopus to manage all incidents and requests on campus. Even if you email, call, or just drop by in person, we will create a ticket in order to keep track of your problem, and to manage our equipment.

Step 2.1:

From your employee MyBU account, select “Octopus – IT Tickets”.

Step 2.2:

You will be asked to log in again. Use the same credential as you used to log into MyBu.

Step 2.3:

On the top left of the page, click “New Request”.

Step 2.4:

On this screen you can select the type of request.

(Please note: Depending on your position here at Bishop’s, you will see different options available to you. You may not see options for the incident or service request you need, check with your manager first to see if you are supposed to have the missing option. If you have done that or are sure you are missing a service option, please contact the helpdesk at extension 2273 or

Step 2.5:

Continue to fill in the form with the relevant information. Depending on what you select, you will get different prompts and fields to fill out. Shown here is the “I’d like to report a cybersecurity incident” option.

3. Placing a Work Order for the Print Shop

The Print Shop exists to support the teaching and research objectives of the University, and to enhance its image through quality publications. It is the on-campus resource of production printing for the Bishop’s community. Offering electronic job submission for faculty & staff, the Print Shop handles the printing of both stationery (standard and personalized) and custom documents. Please refer to the print shop’s page on the Bishop’s main site for more information about the kind of services they offer.

Step 3.1:

From your employee MyBU account, on the right hand side, select “Print Shop Requests”.

Step 3.2:

You will be prompted to login again with your Bishop’s credentials.

Step 3.3:

When filling a print shop request for a set-up, please select the appropriate date in the Needed By field. Do not hesitate to contact the Print shop department at ext. 2259 for any problems when entering a print shop request. Please keep in mind that service requests must be received a minimum of 24 hours prior to the due date, but depending on the project, more time may be required.

Accuracy is crucial, as it allows the department to complete its duties efficiently and responsibly. However, your help is needed to accomplish that. The Print Shop strongly urges everybody not to take any shortcuts when entering a service request, as this will only add more time and mistakes to the process. For more precision in the execution of the project, do not hesitate to use the comments box.