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Adding a Printer to a Mac Computer

This tutorial will show you the process of adding a printer on a Mac. While this tutorial is specific to the Xerox photocopier/printers you can find all around campus, the process is the same for other printers. However, if you need help with a specific printer, please place a service request with us on Octopus.

Please note: If your machine has never connected to a Xerox printer you will need to download the drivers from Xerox’s website here.

Step 1: 

Open "System Preferences". Select "Printers & Scanners".

Step 2:

Click on the "+" icon at the bottom of the list of printers & scanners.

Step 3:

Click "Advanced". If you do not see this icon, follow the steps listed below. If you already see the advanced option, continue to Step 4.

Adding the Advanced Panel
Step 3A

It may be necessary to add the advanced panel to your add printer window. Simply right click (or ctrl-click) on an empty space next to the existing icons and select "customize toolbar".

Step 3B

Click the "Advanced" icon and drag it to the toolbar.

Step 4:

Set the Type as "Windows printer via spoolss."

Enter URL as: smb:// OF PRINTER

Printer Names:
To print in B&W Single Sided: FOLLOWME
To print in Colour Single Sided: FOLLOWME-COL
To print in B&W Double Sided: FOLLOWME-DUP
To print in Colour Double Sided: FOLLOWME-CD

Change the name of the printer to the name you entered in the URL.

Step 5:

Under "choose a driver"... Select "Select Software..."

Select "Xerox workcentre 7835" as shown, and then click "Okay".

Step 7:

Click "add"...

Followme printing will officially be installed on your MAC..

You might be prompted to enter your Bishop's credential the first time you setup a printer. Remember, you will need to update your password for the printer in keychain every time you change your Bishop's password.

Contact the Helpdesk if...

-You can't find the driver and need it to be installed
-You need a specific printer installed

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