Teams for Students

Microsoft Teams is a communication and collaboration utility that comes as part of Office 365 and is available for all current Bishop’s students to use.

(As it is an Office 365 app, you’ll need to ensure that you’ve activated your MFA to use Office 365 or you won’t be able to login — see here.)

Teams can also be installed on all of your devices…Mac OS and Windows computers as well as iOS and Android mobile devices. (To learn how to install Teams on your devices: Visit our Teams support page

Here’s a quick video introduction to using Teams:

When you want to call your chat group (whether you’re chatting with one person or with 10), you use this call icon in the top right hand corner of the window:

The left icon is of course a video call, and the middle is an audio call. ┬áThe rightmost icon is a “screen sharing call” which probably shouldn’t be used by itself. ┬áNormally, you would form a video or audio call first, and then when you’re connected on that type of call you’ll see a screen sharing button in the call controls, as you see below:

That function will allow you to send either your entire screen, or just one particular window to everyone in the call.

Also, clicking the 3 dots as shown in the image below will give you some additional privacy features such as “blurring the background of your camera” and “changing the background to other images”.