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Library Learning Commons – CRC IT Services

Champlain students have access to a selection of 30 computers in the Library Learning Commons computer zones located on the 2nd floor and basement as well as the six Community stations located on the main floor and basement. This page will guide you through the process of using these workstations as well as the printing services available to Champlain students.

1. Community Stations

The community stations provide access to a selection of computers as well as a printer to all members of the Library Learning Commons. There are two community stations with three computers each located on the main floor, in front of the IT Helpdesk, and at the bottom of the stairs in the basement. There is only one printer available for both stations, it is located next to the main floor community workstations.

Champlain students can use the community stations for quick access or printing purposes. To learn how to use these stations, refer to the BU Community Printing Tutorial page.

2. How to Access the CRC Workstations

Champlain students wishing to access one of the 30 CRC workstations available to them will need to present themselves to the IT Helpdesk, located on the main floor, with their student ID.

Step 1:

At the IT Helpdesk, Champlain students are required to present their student ID, read and sign the "Champlain Computer Access Agreement". Once signed, a username and password will be provided to the student.

Take note that these credentials will only allow you to access the CRC workstations. The username and password cannot be used to connect to wireless anywhere on the Bishops' campus, nor can it be used to log on any computers other than the 30 identified with the CRC label. (For example, if you book one of the computer-equipped study rooms in the Library Learning Commons, you will not be able to log in. However, some study rooms are equipped with an HDMI cable allowing Champlain students to connect their personal laptop to the room's system. To learn more about which study rooms are equipped with an HDMI cable and how to use the system, refer to the How to use the study rooms section.

Step 2:

Locate the computers marked with a CRC label on the bottom left of the monitor. These are the workstations available to the Champlain students.

15 CRC workstations are located in the basement and another 15 CRC workstations are located on the second floor.

3. Changing your login password

Step 1:

Login to the CRC worsktation using the credentials you received from the Helpdesk.

Step 2:


Select "Change password" and enter the required fields.

Password requirements:

  1. Be at least 7 characters long
  2. Contain at least one character from 3 of the following 4 categories:
    - A-Z (Capital letters)
    - a-z (Lowercase letters)
    - 0-9 (Numbers)
    - ! # $ % (Symbols)
  3. Not contain your name or username
  4. Not be a password you have used before at Bishop's

4. How to print in the Library Learning Commons

Champlain students using the CRC workstations will be able to print by using Follow Me printing.

Printing requires printing credit to be added to your account, follow the steps on our "Adding Gaiter Dollars Online" page to learn more about adding printing credits to your account.

NOTE: A minimum of 11$ is required to add money to your account online. Alternatively, a Gaiter Dollars card can be purchased for 3$ from the Gaiter Dollars machine located in front of the IT Helpdesk. To print using a Gaiter Dollars card, refer to our "Using Web Print" page and login with your Gaiter Dollars card credentials.

NOTE: The "Username" for your Gaiter Dollars card is located on the front of the card while the password is located on the back.

Using Follow Me printing

Step 1:

Once you have selected the print option, the printer window will appear. Select the printer that suits your needs:

  • To print Single-Sided in Black & White:
    Select Follow Me Printing
  • To print Single-Sided in Color:
    Select Follow Me Printing Color
  • To print Double-Sided in Black & White:
    Select Follow Me Printing Duplex
  • To print Double-Sided in Color:
    Select Follow Me Printing Color+Duplex

Printing Prices

Refer to this "BU Follow Me Printing Prices" poster to know how much your job will cost for any of the Follow Me Printing printers.

Step 2:

Once your document has been sent to the printer, you will have 24 hours to retrieve it from any Xerox photocopier on campus:

  • Select "Alternate Login" in the upper right corner and enter your login credentials.
  • Select the "Access Device" button.
  • Select "Print Release" on the bottom right corner.
  • Select "Print All" to print all your documents at once or select the ones you want to print individually.
    Note: any documents left in the printing queue will be deleted from the servers after 24 hours.