FollowMe Printing

Did you know that you can “print” to the Xerox copiers without actually printing anything until you walk up to the machine? ┬áThis incredibly useful feature is great in situations where you are printing confidential documents or are in an office where many people are printing to the same copier regularly and there is a risk that your document might get lost in a pile of someone else’s.

This feature is called FollowMe printing and it works on all copiers on campus.

The first step is to add a “FollowMe printer” to your system:

The second step is simply to walk up to any Xerox copier on campus, and release the print job(s):

Some important notes:

  • Once you release the printouts sent to a FollowMe printer, you cannot release them again…you would need to print them from your workstation again, and then go to any copier and release them.
  • The FollowMe print queues will only hold documents for 24 hours…any document left in the queue longer than that will simply be deleted.
  • Once you print a document to a FollowMe printer, it doesn’t matter which Xerox copier you go to on campus to release it, they will all work. ┬áThis is especially useful for faculty who might print from their office and release the documents from a copier that is on their way to a classroom.