How to Change Your Password

This tutorial will show you how to reset your UBishops password from both on and off campus.

Remember, it is always important to follow best security practices when creating a password.

  • Passwords at BU must have at least 7 characters,
  • Should be a combination of at least 3 out of the following:
    1. Uppercase characters,
    2. Lowercase characters,
    3. Numbers
    4. Special characters.
  • You will not be able to change your password to a password that you have previously used at BU,
  • Your password cannot contain your name or username. (If there are at least 4 successive characters in your new password that are found in the same order in your username or name, the system will not accept your new password.

Creating strong passwords is a essential part of maintaining good cyber hygiene.

Be sure to use a unique password for each of your accounts. Reusing passwords makes your accounts more vulnerable to potential security threats. Finally, never share your credentials with anyone, this includes ITS. We will never ask you to share your password under any circumstances.

  1. On Campus
  2. Off Campus


1. On Campus

Step 1:

On a BU workstation, log in.

Then press ‘CTRL + ALT + DEL’

Step 2:

Select ‘Change Password’

You will now be required to enter your username, old password and new password.

2. Off Campus

Method 1:

Visit the link below and follow the instructions listed on the page.
Your password should be a unique password that you have not used on your account previously.
Be sure to include “BISHOPS\” before your username without the quotations(“”)!
Your username should look like: BISHOPS\flastname20.

BU Password Change

Method 2:

Go to BU Webmail and sign in.

In the top right corner of the mail page, select ‘Options’ followed by ‘Change Password’

Follow the instructions to change your password.