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Your Bishop’s Email Account

As a student, faculty, or staff member, you’ve been provided with a unique email in the format of username@ubishops.ca. This email is used by the university to contact you for important information and notices, and also for updates regarding events on campus. Among these is the Daily Dish, a student-run events email, as well as many events academic and extra-curricular events advertised by faculty, staff, students, and clubs.
To log in:

  • USERNAME: Bishop’s Username
  • PASSWORD: Bishop’s Password

For more information about your Bishop’s username and password, click here.
You can access your email account via webmail from any web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, etc.)
Most faculty and staff use Microsoft Outlook to access their mail and calendars from their office computers; click here to troubleshoot any problems.
* Please Note: Your Bishop’s email account is the primary location for any important communication that you will receive from the University’s administration, and you are expected to check it regularly.
* Also Note: When sending an attachment, Webmail is limited to a 20MB total size, so you won’t be able to send attachments larger than about 16MB.

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