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Tech Info for all BU Students

Learn how to: Print Connect to WiFi Change your password Use EdTech tools ... and much more - It all starts here!


The ITS Helpdesk is located on the 1st floor of the Library Learning Commons.
IT Helpdesk
Visit us to get IT assistance with your BU applications and accounts.
The IT Helpdesk can assist you with technical issues occurring on supported software. Please, keep in mind that you should seek assistance from your teachers about any of your assignments.

Making a BUFF film? Recording a short clip for your film class? Need a clicker for your next presentation? Audiovisual equipment can be borrowed from the IT Helpdesk for academic purposes only. Learn more on our “Borrowing Equipment – Students” support page.

ITS cannot repair any personal devices.
Are you getting an error message trying to access your myBU account? Your email account? Is Microsoft Teams preventing you from sharing your screen? Do you need to reserve your equipment to film your BUFF movie?
While you can visit the IT Helpdesk on the 1st floor of the Library Learning Commons, you can also reach us by phone and through our Octopus ticketing system.

ITS strongly recommend that you place a ticket for all your questions, requests, and to report a technical issue by login with your BU credentials on Learn how to place an Octopus ticket on our “Placing Octopus Web Ticket” support page.

You can also book online and in-person appointments from the ITS Helpdesk’s Bookings Site: Book Now!

Students can print on and off campus by sending their documents to the Follow Me printers. Printing can be done from the campus workstations or from your personal devices.

Printing requires “Gaiter Dollars” that can be added on your account using GaiterDollars machines or at the Paterson front desk.  Learn more about adding GaiterDollars to your account.

Pricing for Xerox Photocopiers/Printers

Please Note: Scanning from any photocopier is free and will not result in any charges.

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 8.51.25 AM

To learn more about printing @ Bishop’s visit the “Printing, Photocopying, & Scanning” support page.

Just finished writing that big assignment that you need to hand in early next morning? Send it to print directly from home with WebPrint! It’ll be ready to be released from any of the Xerox photocopiers on campus the next morning.

Documents sent through the myprint portal will stay pending until they are relased or after 5 days.

To learn more about sending documents from home and printing them out once you arrive on campus, visit our “Using Web Print” support site.

All the computer labs workstation have the 4 FollowMe printers installed. Simply select the one that suits your need when you wish to print your documents from a lab computer.

Choose the right printer for you:
Follow Me Printing will only print in Black & White, Single-Sided.
Follow Me Printing Duplex will only print in Black & White, Double-Sided.
Follow Me Printing Color will only print in Color, Single-Sided.
Follow Me Printing Color Duplex will only print in Color, Double-Sided.

Please, note that you cannot change these printing options by changing the printing’s setting. To print something in color and single-sided you need to select the right printer rather than change the settings when you seend your job to the printer.

Documents sent through the FollowMe printers will stay pending until they are released or after a 24h period.

How to retrieve your documents from any Xerox photocopiers:

To retrieve your documents, simply swipe your card into the card reader located on one of our Xerox photocopiers or login with your username and password.
Once you have access to the photocopier, select “Print Release” to print your documents.
Changing the password for your BU account is easy: Simply follow the steps in our “How to Change Your Password” support page.
Make sure to create a strong and unique password.
IMPORTANT Never share you BU credentials with anyone. ITS will never ask for your password.
A multi-factor authentication (MFA) method is required to access your Microsoft 365 applications.
Do you wish to setup your default MFA method to the more secure and easier to use mobile app method? Did you recently change phone and can no longer validate your logins?
Visit our “Office 365 – Multi-factor Authentication” support page to learn how to set, modify, or reset your MFA method.
Students can access Bishop’s Wi-Fi (WIZABU) with their BU credentials.
Learn how to connect your devices on our Wireless Internet support page.
Some devices, such as gaming consoles and smart speakers (Alexa, Google Assistant, etc) cannot connect to WIZABU. These will need to be connected through a wired connection.
If your device has an ethernet port, learn how to connect it in your residence room on our “How to Setup a Wired Connection in Residences” support page.
There are many resources available for students seeking assistance with registration.
  • You can contact your department chairs and teachers if you require assistance selecting the right courses.
  • The Registrar’s Office has a section with videos and tutorial for students to assist them with registration and much more.
Simply login to myBU and select the “Registrar’s Office Page” under the IMPORTANT STUDENT LINKS section:
Find the tutorials video section:
While ITS is happy to help with any inquiries we can, please, note that the IT Helpdesk should be contacted only to report technical issues occurring on the registration portal. Any academic questions should be directed to your chairperson or teachers while all stop list or registration questions should be asked to the Registrar’s Office.
Contact the Registrar’s Office:
Phone: 819 822-9600 ext. 2682
To contact your teachers and departmental chair, visit the BU Directory.


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